Thursday, 2 July 2009

Welcome to Garstang

Ok, so I've been in post for ages now and I'll put some highlights and low lights (yeah there has been times when I've wanted to quit and other times - only 24 hours later, when I've loved my job)

My excuse for not blogging sooner is the fact I hand wrote a entry about Iona and I am waiting to find it to put it on, but I can't be bothered - I'll add it when I find it

today I was doing detached (more on that later)in Garstang and on my way to find young people me and a colleague saw this duck with about 8 little ducklings all very cute and feathery. thing is there were crossing the road, but half way across decided to walk up the middle of the road towards Booths (other shops are available - though not really in G.)it was so cute cos the cars stopped for them and everything. :D needed a camera to have a postcard of "Welcome to Garstang!" we then headed off to the river where the duck should have been to find young people most of which were jumping into the river off the bridge.

Actually its late now so I'll talk about highs and lows another day.As well as my exciting detached news.

Rach xXx

Saturday, 11 April 2009

afternoon in the country

Another afternoon in March (this time a Saturday rather than a friday)
and the day after the last post

I went for a drive to find some of my churches and show off my new job's beauty to the other half, I also found out he can navigate (which I did know when I was lost in Liverpool months earlier and he became my sat nav or iPhone a friend (I wasn't on the phone to him while driving, I had a passenger - who is the reason we got lost!))

I'm getting excited, its so really now, and so close till I actually start!


Friday, 10 April 2009

a good childhood

For those of you who don't care for youth work theory you may want to skip this one!

The Children's society have just published 'The Good Childhood Enquiry' and I've been on a training day (with the diocese's CofE primary school head teachers and incumbents) all about it, led by someone one the group from the Children's society.

they say we need to change are attitude to 5 key aspects
Love & relationships,
collective responsibility,

i agreed with alot of what was said, though my youth work training kinda goes against there idea of living alongside the young people, the way they put it almost seemed to be without boundaries, and I personally belive it is important not to be there 24/7 otherwise you are always on show and never get to switch off, but also so young people don't become dependant on the worker .

on another point the term child annoys me, here is covers those 0-18 and I guess it is a good enough phrase (childhood)
however the other day someone called me a child - now I'm 20! she also called all of my course mates children which is strange saying as not only are we training to work with young people but some of the group are mature students and are therefore much older!

this is something I need to look into further, I think buying the book and having a good flick through is on the cards when I get some time.


meeting the circuit boss

there was an afternoon back in march (decided to stop backdating) when I drove to a village (where he lives) to meet my circuit line manager, and we had the chance to talk, drink coffee, study maps, and plan for the future.

We then went and saw 6 of the church I will be working with (out of 7) 4 of which I got to go inside, its a really rural circuit, with some small churches (that you can tell are methodist)

really getting excited now, there's alot of potential in the churches and working ecumenically, ready to go now!!!!!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Get on Board

Ok so I'm cheating and backdating blogs so they fit as to when they happened.

on the 28th Feb I went to a district youth training day, one of those small world days where there is a mixture of people you know from all over (placement, uni, mycwc) It was a really good day.

I had the chance to chat with the student youth worker who does 7 hours a week in the circuit I think. I played games, and learnt how media can be used in worship and the churches life. discussed issues with fellow workers and was even called a colleague by someone who will be my colleague when I start!!!!!

was a good day and I didn't get lost!!

just think next time we have one of these I'll have to plan and lead it!


Sunday, 8 February 2009

without noticing. . .

i've left home. . .

Basically I won't be living with the parents again, especially not while they live where they do!

(currently home for easter and its strange thinking I won't be back for the summer! [added on Good Friday!])

strange thought really


Thursday, 5 February 2009

day 0

I've decided to blog again for a number of reason's
1, I had a diary but went through a rough patch so stopped
2, I had a blog, but then I started uni and haven't written anything on it since the first friday.
3, I wish I had tracked my YPS journey
4, Blogs are safer than diaries - It won't be really personal and you expect others to read it!
5, I've got my first professional youth work job, and want you (whoever you may be) to travel with me.

Basically a few days ago I went for an interview, and I didn't get the job, but I did get offered another one, so assuming I get good references and the paper work is sorted on April 20th I will be a working girl! This is on top of my degree work and everything else going on in my life.

Somehow blogging is more fun than my reflective journals I need to do for placement!

So here we go, this is the start of the journey, a new chapter, and there was me wondering what I would do after MYE (Methodist Youth Executive).

Rach xXx