Thursday, 2 July 2009

Welcome to Garstang

Ok, so I've been in post for ages now and I'll put some highlights and low lights (yeah there has been times when I've wanted to quit and other times - only 24 hours later, when I've loved my job)

My excuse for not blogging sooner is the fact I hand wrote a entry about Iona and I am waiting to find it to put it on, but I can't be bothered - I'll add it when I find it

today I was doing detached (more on that later)in Garstang and on my way to find young people me and a colleague saw this duck with about 8 little ducklings all very cute and feathery. thing is there were crossing the road, but half way across decided to walk up the middle of the road towards Booths (other shops are available - though not really in G.)it was so cute cos the cars stopped for them and everything. :D needed a camera to have a postcard of "Welcome to Garstang!" we then headed off to the river where the duck should have been to find young people most of which were jumping into the river off the bridge.

Actually its late now so I'll talk about highs and lows another day.As well as my exciting detached news.

Rach xXx