Friday, 8 November 2013

I'm saying no

This blog post started out as a rant, it’s one that has featured in many a facebook status, but I hope this is more of a positive response.

There are many things I don’t like about the world: war, pain, abuse, ferries in stormy seas, driving on icey roads and the claim culture we live in.

Last year I had a car accident, nothing major and I was not injured at all. I repeat I had NO DISCOMFORT AT ALL! Mild or otherwise. However since that accident 15 months ago I have had a whole load of different companies trying to get me to claim this compensation that is rightly mine. This is where we disagree. Maybe I’m cutting off my nose to spite my face but not being injured I don’t believe I should get this money. Most companies are quite simple to get rid of, there are two lines that work well – “Are you suggesting I make a fraudulent claim?” or “Yeah, isn’t God amazing!” Though asking “Why?” often gets me passed on to a supervisor or gets the phone put down on me. One time I just said hello and I was passed to a supervisor.

Today however I had a lovely phone call with a guy called Dean from another of these company. As well as checking if I had kids and how long me and Boyfriend had been together, we got chatting about my views on the point of life and the claim culture we live in. He didn’t seem to get that I wasn’t  going to take this money as as a young woman why would I turn down £2000 (That was today’s amount, I’ve been offered anywhere between £1000 and £5500). He believed that life is about money. I told him I disagreed, he tried to put me off by suggesting that I wishy washingly believed that life is about love. Life is about love, but it’s the understanding of love that you have that makes a difference. I believe in love that cares for those around me, that puts my neighbour first. This led to a conversation about what I do in my local community and my training to be an ASL in Scouts, as well as who Bear Grills is.

It’s my morals that stop me from claiming this money. The way I was brought up but also the faith have led to my beliefs. I said I worked for the church and Dean said he was also a Christian (when I said now I bet you think I’m a religious nut) so I challenged him on this views on the importance of money and then we had a random bit about a catholic priest that stole money from the church. Dean decided to give up but told me he’d call back soon. To be fair to him I quite enjoyed the chat, he was quite cheeky but went though all the usual compensation stuff (like the money is already there for you so it won’t effect anyone’s premiums) with some new things thrown in (like shock can be counted as mild discomfort – I confused him by saying it had been amazing that I wasn’t injured, not that it was an amazing experience).

But I’ve already made up my mind.

I’m saying no because we shouldn’t live in a culture that means every accident automatically means money is put aside.

I’m saying no because regular pestering phone calls for 3 years are not acceptable but this way I get to share my message with any company who will stay on the phone long enough to listen.

 I’m saying no because the I want to live in a place that isn’t about what I can get, but about what I can give, where who I am is more important than the money I have in the bank.

I’m saying no because I wasn’t injured and I’m not going to make a fraudulent claim.

I’m saying no.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The best days of my life?

 My parents will tell you, with great embarrassing glee, that at the age of thirteen I told them I had the best day of my life when I got to meet Minnie Mouse in DisneyLand Paris.

It is often said that our school days are the best day of our lives. Now I don’t believe that. Not that I didn’t enjoy school. But life since has had its advantages. University was good fun and graduate life, despite being grown up and scary, has been a good.

It's a roundish birthday next week and the scary thing  is that I knew my Mum when she was this age. At this point I was 2 and she was pregnant with my Brother. My life and her’s have been different, I have a degree and she didn’t get her’s till later in life. But she was married and owned a house at 20, whereas I should have the latter at least this month.

I started my new job in September and my current phrase is “I love my job!” I’m not saying it’s easy, there are lots of people to get to know and learn the ropes (and knots) but this week at Scouts – of which I’m training to be an ASL (!) we had a chocolate fountain.

Last week I had truly one of the best days of my life. I was in Paris with the Cubs and Scouts, I exchanged on my house, we got a message saying some grant money had been agreed, we won the quiz at the centre after a camp fire with marsh mellows, songs and stories, and I got to meet Minnie Mouse!
Sometimes it’s the simple things that make good days!

Life is good, it’s not always easy and simple, but that doesn’t take away from the goodness in it.

So are these the best days of my life?