Sunday, 18 May 2014

Stay Optimistic

Sometimes I blog cos there is something I really want to explore and blogging helps me deal with things. Sometimes I blog cos I'm doing something on a theme and trying to keep it up to date. Today I'm blogging cos I have some time and my current knitting project is out of my reach!

I've blogged before about clothing, and how linked to power and decisions it is. I got in trouble in the past week or so about clothing. I made a comment that was taken badly, and along with that, the general stress of church work and my passport being missing I've had a bit of a down week. I'm generally a bouncy person – it annoys boyfriend as I recover from arguments or upsets much quicker than he does, so it's always tricky when I can't shift out of a down couple of days. This weekend however has really cheered me up.

Firstly an old colleague came to visit, which meant I got late night chats and hugs at bed time.

Then we went to Youth Work Summit, an amazing day which has given me loads to reflect on, I caught up with old friends, and even made a new one who does a similar job to me locally – and we've agreed to meet up for coffee. By lunch time I was in a much better mood and that meant I got to engage much better with the worship later in the day.

Then this morning I was preaching. I wrote a brand new sermon last night, picking up on some of the things I'd heard during the day, and things I'd be pondering for a few weeks, and had a fab time this morning worshiping, questioning, praying, quizzing, and generally having fun in a pulpit (well lecturn but you know). After that the two preachers who were assessing my service said nice things, my words are much clearer and people engaged well with the whole service.

A few weeks ago now I was walking from my house to that of my parents and half way up the last bit of hill is this bench. I love positive graffiti. At that moment it gave me a real lift as, as you may know I'm not a fan of walking – or any exercise really. It's now the background of my work laptop.

I just want to say thanks to those of you who have helped to cheer me up, checked when my odd sock playing had dropped, sent me chocolate through the post, and to my Mum who was here to help when I found my passport – my leopard was looking after it. (I do realise I'm 25 and still have cuddly toys, that's ok!) Thank you my lovely friends who have all contributed to helping me stay optimistic. Let's see what the next week has in store.