Sunday, 1 June 2014

Rachel, being Rachel

What makes you, you?
Or more importantly, as it is my blog, what makes me, me?

I've just been Cced into an email that includes the line “Rachel, being Rachel, has only just got round to submitting her claim”

“Rachel, being Rachel”

Now that shows that they know that either a – I'm rubbish at paperwork, or b – (which I'm actually hoping it is) money isn't my driving factor in life.

Expenses are something I do for a number of reasons. Part of my philosophy in life is that I don't think people should be expected to volunteer their money if they don't want to. For those who volunteer time, they shouldn't be out of pocket. I also do my expenses because I don't have endless amounts of money and sometimes do need it back. I do my expenses because I believe charities and churches should know how much things cost.

This email came from a charity I love. A charity I don't mind if I occasionally forget to put a claim in for a train journey for example. I know what I should do is claim everything and give of my earned wages – as I know then they would be able to gift aid it. I should also put that money in an account so that when they stop paying for me to come to their events I'll have money put aside for it.

I wonder if that is what they think when they say “Rachel, being Rachel” maybe its the former, and they just know I'm rubbish at admin. But I'd like to hope its cos they actually know I'm not in it for the money – and I'm doing it now so they can balance the accounts!

“Rachel, being Rachel” sounds like it is going to be negative. I want to reclaim the phrase. I want my name to mean something. I've often joked (only half seriously) that I'd like to have a room at Methodist Church House named after me. Now you have to do something very momentous for that to happen.

“Rachel, being Rachel” could mean a whole load of things. I hope, that generally it's positive. I'd want it to denote my patience, kindness, listening ear, I don't mind too much if its my bossiness. I had another email today that described me as a tower of strength (insert short joke here!!) and was grateful for my calm encouragement. That is what I want Rachel to mean.

How would you end “Rachel, being Rachel...”
And what would you want “You, being you” to mean?

Obviously “Rachel, being Rachel” means I'm blogging when I should be creating powerpoints for said charity – so I better go back to work.