Sunday, 8 February 2009

without noticing. . .

i've left home. . .

Basically I won't be living with the parents again, especially not while they live where they do!

(currently home for easter and its strange thinking I won't be back for the summer! [added on Good Friday!])

strange thought really


Thursday, 5 February 2009

day 0

I've decided to blog again for a number of reason's
1, I had a diary but went through a rough patch so stopped
2, I had a blog, but then I started uni and haven't written anything on it since the first friday.
3, I wish I had tracked my YPS journey
4, Blogs are safer than diaries - It won't be really personal and you expect others to read it!
5, I've got my first professional youth work job, and want you (whoever you may be) to travel with me.

Basically a few days ago I went for an interview, and I didn't get the job, but I did get offered another one, so assuming I get good references and the paper work is sorted on April 20th I will be a working girl! This is on top of my degree work and everything else going on in my life.

Somehow blogging is more fun than my reflective journals I need to do for placement!

So here we go, this is the start of the journey, a new chapter, and there was me wondering what I would do after MYE (Methodist Youth Executive).

Rach xXx